Thoughts on what makes THUNDER so powerful

There are many theories for achieving success growing indoors, and many are contradictory. Why is it that it is not more scientific? Why is it not more quantifiable and qualifiable? The same holds true for growing outdoors for that matter. How and why it is that success for some is achieved with little or no resources, while at the same time examples of utter failure can be found where all the resources were present and success seeemed a guarantee. WHY WHY WHY!!!!? I believe that a great deal of it has to do with what I call “The Celestine” factor. This term was born from my reading experience of the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. In this story, there is a scene where people are meditating and praying over the food they are growing for themselves to eat. The concept being that the vibrations that are put into the plants in this way, shape the way the plants will serve as sustenance for the people. They have influence over the health and happiness of the plants, and have conciously harnessed it. That is to say, the influence of the person involved in the gardening process is an important factor for determining the success of the crop. THUNDER harnesses the power of high-spin state monatomic elements to amplify the affect of this principal.