Interview with Stephen Saunders about the THUNDERgro™ Formula

Thoughts on Life Beyond ‘Organic’ with Soil Revitalization and THUNDERgro™    


Interviewer:  We are here today with the formulator of THUNDERgro™ , Stephen Saunders of Living Organic Vitality Enterprises out of Rapid City, Michigan, to discuss the difference between THUNDERgro™ and other traditional fertilizers and nutrients.

Stephen:   “This formula represents a major step in the process of bringing true balance and vitality back to soil and the environment. It is a physics-based additive, agricultural production formula. Use it indoors in soil or hydroponics, and outdoors in the garden. It contains minerals, electricity, and high spin state monatomic elements and water. The formula stimulates the revitalization of the soil, and increases a plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and eliminate waste by-products, and creates the conditions for optimal life force cultivation in the plants.   We are pleased to introduce it to you as a formula of this type that is, as far as we know, never before been available. ”

Interviewer:   “What do you mean by PHYSICS-Based?”   Stephen: By PHYSICS-Based formula for soil revitalization and Hydroponics booster, we mean that the formula is making use of nature-sourced minerals and a patented process for suspending electricity in water that is storing charge in a ‘vibrational signature’ that is beneficial and stimulating for plant growth. This formula effectively creates the conditions for the maximum amount of force to be available to plants for use in the growth process. Interviewer:   “So it is not really a nutrient for fertilizer at all?”

Stephen: “That is more or less correct, although there have been successful grow trials using NO NUTRIENTS and just THUNDERgro™ and some even using nothing but small 200 watt fluorescent lights.   THUNDERGRO™ provides a simple effective way to bring the ideal conditions back to any growing medium. The product contains high spin-state monatomic elements, amorphous silica, humic and fulvic acid, and electricity. ”

Interviewer:How in the world did you ever figure out about this stuff to be a beneficial resource for agriculture?”   Stephen: Well, I have been studying chemistry and physics and farming and esoteric sciences since I was a boy, and had a chance to learn some things in the writings of a man named Rudolph Steiner, who brought to us the concept and practice of Bio-dynamic farming. When the components that are used in the production of THUNDERgro™ were brought to me over time and I began to work with them, I recognized them to be resources that could  deliver the Biodynamic process. Since my Father and Brothers and I have an agricultural production company, it seemed like a perfectly natural addition to the company’s offerings.”

Interviewer: “What can people expect to see?”

Stephen: “Gardens and grow operations treated with THUNDERgro™ will see stronger and healthier stems, leaves, fruit, seeds, etc. The plants will become more resistant to pests, and yield increases and produce size is not uncommon. The formula can be used for rooting, cloning and flushing, as a foliar feed, as a water-injected supplement. In the images that are published by us and people who are using THUNDERgro™,  you can see the results of the THUNDERgro™ treated gardens and fruit trees. The most amazing trial to me, which we share with you below,  is the asparagus trials where you can see that with just ONE of the components of THUNDERgro™, the asparagus resumes growing, without rooting… ”


  Interviewer:  “UMMM….  For REAL !?? ”

Stephen:    “Heh…  For REAL…”

Interviewer:  “And this formula is commercially available now, give us some background on that.”

Stephen: “THUNDERgro™ is slated to begin distribution through the larger distribution networks through this spring and you can look for it at your favorite garden outlets. The formula is packaged for retail in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon carboys, and 55 gallon drums. Larger quantities for commercial and large-scale application are also available through our Commercial Services Division, contact Chris Saunders for more information. As it has just gone to market, you can get it online at or phoning 231-564 1411.   All inquiries can also be handled by checking in with us at

Interviewer:Well, thank you and good luck with your soil revitalization duties….”

Stephen:Thank you, and good luck with doing your part to heal the soil. As a Human Being, you a charged with the responsibility of being a husband to the Earth. Nothing will excuse you from doing your part to help nourish, nurture and maintain your source, and you will, GUARANTEED have fun, fulfillment, and- experience EVOLUTION in the process. “

(Stephen Saunders is a developer, farmer, and researcher whose work can be explored further by going to