Interview with Stephen Saunders about the THUNDERgro™ Formula

Thoughts on Life Beyond ‘Organic’ with Soil Revitalization and THUNDERgro™       Interviewer:   “We are here today with the formulator of THUNDERgro™ , Stephen Saunders of Living Organic Vitality Enterprises out of Rapid City, Michigan, to discuss the difference between THUNDERgro™ and other traditional fertilizers and nutrients. “So Tell us Stephen, WHAT IS[…]

Tips for use Outdoors

This formula will be excellent for you for both ground feeding and foliar feeding. Recommended ratio of THUNDER to water is two tablespoons for every ten gallons of water. Feed this about every three to five days in addition to regular watering. For foliar feeding, it is recommended to use a hose feed sprayer that[…]

Thundergro Indoors

Tips for use Indoors

This formula is excellent for both soil and hydrophonics indoors. The general ratio for application in a Hydroponics setup is 1/4 of a teaspoon per six plants  into your tanks every five days. For indoor use on houseplants or indoor growing in soil, mix 1/4 teaspoon per ten gallons of water and apply every five[…]