Pesticide and Pathogen Remediation

THUNDERgro™ is a powerful tool for use in the remediation of plants that have been exposed to pesticides and pathogens. The powerful physics-based force that is created by our formulation dramatically improves the plant’s ability to chelate out toxins and heavy metals, and when used through the growth cycle of the plants, increases the plant’s[…]

Grass Grown in Sand

This is interesting. Here are some photos of grass growing in a patch of  “lawn” whose soil composition consists of 99% sand, and tests out “0” “0” “0” on the NPK scale. THUNDERgro™ was thrown at random times over a summer season. The images say alot more than a bunch of “Agri-Know it Alls” could[…]

Foliar Spraying with THUNDERgro™

THUNDERgro™ is excellent for use in foliar spray feeding of any plants including those sensitive to pathogens or pests like mold and fungus including Cannabis Hemp. Great results can be obtained by using a basic in line hose sprayer such as the one pictured below: Simply fill your sprayer with full strength THUNDERgro™ concentrate and[…]

Hilton Landscape Supply

Hilton Landscape Supply is one of the largest suppliers in Southern Oregon and Northern California of landscaping products and gardening supplies. We carry bark mulches and decorative bark, planting mulches, top soil and soil conditioners, planter mixes, organic compost and manure, Gard-N-Grow, forest loam, wood shavings and old sawdust, for residential and industrial landscaping, agricultural, and farming uses. We also have one of the area’s largest selections of decorative stone,[…]

THUNDERgro™ FLOWER -SAVER Extends the life of Cut Flowers !

We are proud to announce our new formula, FLOWER-SAVER. This subtle vibrational ‘TWEAK’ to the THUNDERgro™ Formula creates an AMAZING increase in the life of cut flowers. Using this formula will extend the life of your cut flowers by 300% !! The results of using this formula is ‘over the top’ as you will see[…]

Thoughts on what makes THUNDER so powerful

There are many theories for achieving success growing indoors, and many are contradictory. Why is it that it is not more scientific? Why is it not more quantifiable and qualifiable? The same holds true for growing outdoors for that matter. How and why it is that success for some is achieved with little or no[…]